Pieces of Eight


Run and Hide

Recorded January 2, 1970 at Streeterville Studios, Chicago

Original group performing at the GBS Homecoming Street Dance from left to right: Ford Colley, Barb Nelson, Craig Binney, Debbie Shields, Dave Bracken, Jackie Murray, Bruce Hill, Barb Redfield and Rob Rees (off camera, right).

THE PIECES OF EIGHT from left to right: Ford Colley, Dave Bracken, Barb Nelson, Debbie Shields, Barb Redfield, Jackie Murray, Rob Rees, George Christpoulos.


In September of 1968, evolving from a study of the ballad in an English class at Glenbrook South High School, a folk group named THE PIECES OF EIGHT was born. From this class, Dave Bracken, Jackie Murray, Bruce Hill and Craig Binney were recruited to perform at the upcoming GBS Homecoming Street Dance in October. With the addition of Ford Colley, Rob Rees, Barbara Redfield, Debbie Shields and Barbara Nelson, their public debut occurred and received unexpected critical aclaim from the student body. Since this event was meant to be a one off, there were no future plans for the ensemble to remain together. However, encouraged by the positive feedback, they continued. As Bruce Hill and Craig Binney left the group, and George Christopoulos joined, they became THE PIECES OF EIGHT.

During the next two years the group made many appearances thoughout Glenview and the North Shore area including performances on the GBS stage as part of the Tri-M Folk Music Concert, The Fine Arts Festival and they opened for "Up With People" in May of 1969, where they performed before more than 1200 students. The enthusiastic audience reacton was incredible and this appearance became one of the high points of the group's career.

Following graduation, THE PIECES OF EIGHT appeared at coffee houses, ice cream socials and other events. During their winter break from college in December, the members decided to make a professional recording. On January 2, 1970 at Streeterville Studios in Chicago, they recorded RUN AND HIDE, an original song written by George Christopoulos (along with his brother Joe). This recording's B - side was a cover version of "If I Were A Carpenter".

Returing from college in the Spring of 1970, the group took up where they left off, with more appearances throughout the summer. THE PIECES OF EIGHT eventually disbanded in the autumn of 1970 when the members once again returned to college. Their record was never officially released by a record company, but RUN AND HIDE did receive air play on some college radio stations.

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